its tuesday… and before u know it… its the weekend again… last weekend was spent in relative relaxation and tons of tv watching… wif world cup matches happening every night at 9pm, 12pm and sometimes 3pm… u’ll be hard-pressed to find a soccer-watcher wide awake and working nowadays.. ahhaha

anyway i caught the first match btwn germany and costa rica wif my colleagues at a bar near the office… i must say there is something enjoyable about watching games together wif people u know be it colleagues or your friends… saturday was similiar… juz that i went to town in the afternoon before poppin by my colleague’s place to catch the games… too bad i couldn’t stay out so late.. hahaha…

in the meantime… besides watching soccer.. i’m kinda hooked onto this tv show called ‘the L word‘… similar to ‘queer as folk’… the l word is all abt a group of women who are lesbians and their lives… obviously its not showing in sg… but you can actually catch it on youtube… wonders of youtube! ahahha… anyway could only find season 3 episodes.. so now following it one at a time (each episode is split up into different parts… so can take a while to finish watching one…) *disclaimer: i’m not abt to turn lesbian… the storyline and characters are just very interesting… its like sex and the city…*

time for more coffee… =P