uber-yum char siew rice

hoo! this is the best char siew rice in town… EVAR… and you can find it not at a restaurant but a food court.. yup.. its at marina square’s food court… the one wif the ultra long q… opposite the dim sum store… love the sauce man…

world cup fever lego-style! bling jeans...
mango sale find!!

things that i did since the last time i blogged:

  • watched a few soccer matches
  • bot my first pair of bling jeans
  • did another pedicure
  • overate at a buffet
  • went shopping at orchard
  • bot 2 cds frm hmv (coldplay and the pussycat dolls)
  • bot a top frm future state
  • went to three different mango stores and ended up buying another pair of expensive jeans at the ngee ann city one (less crowded.. less piles of clothes.. easier to find stuff)

the last one was pretty interesting.. coz i went to mango just to take a look at what they have (i’m not one of those who would take leave to go mango sale or something…) and all i saw at the isetan outlets were piles upon piles of clothing.. wasn’t feelin up to digging thru them to look for a miniscule top somewhere…

so i headed for the jeans/dresses/pants section… and it wasn’t that interesting too… so i juz ran my hands and eyes over the garments till i saw this dark, soft denim jeans… and the pocket design was nice wif interesting details here and there… plus it didn’t hurt that i saw a few people lookin for the jeans too… hehehehe… (contemplated very long actually.. even took photos to show mr b what i got and what advice he would give me… =P)

it took me only now (yes yes…) to realise that for jeans.. a good cut/design coupled wif material can make u look good…partially the reason why i forked out ard seventy each for both of my jeans (the victoria beckham one was highly recommended by my colleague and it was 50% off…) *heart pain* but its good… ahhah will wear them more often…