sunset over pasir ris

haven’t posted for a week… as usual been bz doing stuff besides work and goin out to soak in the visual imagery of the world… plus watching a few world cup matches here and there (resulting in a few sleepy heads in the office.. ahahha)

just on saturday, i had the intention of doing some exercise (after watching Germany vs Argentina on friday) so i dragged persuaded him to go along with me… we went to pasir ris park and instead of my initial plan of cycling… we sat down at a bench near the beach and read/ talked… quite nice and peaceful (but i’m pretty figety so it took a good book to make me sit and read in the calm at the beach…) sat there till it was about to get dark (hence the above image) before proceeding on to changi village to have chicken rice for dinner (not tat we purposely went there to eat the chicken rice.. but it seemed the most appealling food there at that time… ahhaha)

after that we drove to century sq coz i had to buy my big ass bottle of professional shampoo… and it was an interesting ride coz he made a wrong turn so we went the long way round… and we parked at the nearby hdb block to save money (it was a short walk there anyhow…) i bot the stuff i had to buy (shops were about to close) and he drove me back home…

by then it was almost 11pm… and i persuaded invited him to my house to watch the match between england and portugal… which lasted till 2am the next day… hahaha another sleepy sunday!!!
zara sale find!!

sunday i had a project discussion which lasted for a bit… had to do a press kit for my PR class… den decided to go shopping and got my project-mate to go wif me (apparently she dun go shopping…)

the two of us went to mango at wisma for their sale… din find anything suitable and walked to zara in taka… which to my surprise, their sale was goin on!! hoo~!! so went in… tried a few tops… den tried a few more tops… before deciding that i would get this nice white shirt from their TRF collection… the price tag said 29.90 but ended up bein scanned as 44.90 (mistake in price tag)… gah… so i didn’t buy this other green strappy top (that i chose to go wif the shirt/jacket) since i was too shocked by the price (and the total if i had included the top would be 60bucks!?!?!) and i HAD to get the white shirt… =P

my friend wanted to get this sheer top which was too big for her and we were debating whether it was worth to buy since its 54 bucks! i preferred the other two tops she had chosen (combined to be 60bucks) and so she decided that she would not buy the nice sheer top… we had to like persuade ourselves to step away frm the shop.. ahhahaha

think i’ll go there again… hee…

'smashed chicken'hello~ i'm pork chop

btw in one of the shopping walks around town… we discovered this really interesting indonesian restaurant located in the upper floors of lucky plaza… they served a nice ‘smashed chicken’ ahahah… and i gotta tell the world that my office’s resident cutie plushie has gone for a bath! she’ll be back this week.. haahhaha… ;D

wonder what this week will bring… hee…