broken handle on mrt train!broken handle on mrt train 02!

this is goin to be a pretty long post… i have got two weeks of stuff to update… of which i may only mention a few… first up… MRT TRAIN HANDLES WILL BREAK! as seen in the images above… yupz.. wat’s more scary is that the handle broke not at the part where its in between the rubber band.. but across the top part of the handle.. the thickest area… it happened when this lady (pictured above) was holding onto the handle.. train pulled into a station and braked slightly… and suddenly the handle just cracked causing the lady to fall heavily on the floor.. luckily she wasn’t hurt.. though we were all pretty shocked by the incident! yikes! so please be careful when u’re holding onto handles esp in the trains (kids do hang on them and it could have resulted in the crack…)

my air mat!

in other news.. i beefed up my arsenal of gym-goin equipment wif the purchase of a new pair of nike air pegasus (the slightly cheaper older model) and got a yoga mat as a pressie too… =D been going around twice to three times to the gym… all for the nike rockstar workout class and yoga class.. so these two items will be put to a good use… was wearing my sis’ new balance.. but they were too heavy to lug around and wear.. and the nike air shoes definitely were pretty light… so it was good.. ehhehe yoga mat was goin at a discount at mustafa so he bought it for me as a pretty early bday pressie.. hee… looking forward to using the yoga mat (shoes already worn on the second day after i bot them…)

yup went to mustafa last weekend and the recently passed weekend… the first weekend we went was pretty okay coz we were there after 12 midnight.. so it wasn’t too crowded… but when we were there last saturday.. the place was SWARMING wif people… both of us felt like we were transported smack in the middle of india where everyone walked wherever and whenever they liked… (difference was that there were no cows…)

parking the car was a pretty tedious affair of trying to find a lot and circling a big round before we could go back to the road near mustafa.. luckily we managed to snag a lot near to the building but had to parallel park really cautiously coz people were juz walking around the car like it was already stationary and parked! sigh…

anyway… mustafa is HUGE!!!! man! you should go there.. they sell EVERYTHING! and they open 24hours a day okay… think there are four levels of shopping… spread across two buildings.. so u can get groceries, jewellry, white goods, track shoes, a big pharmacy section… branded watches, suitcases, fake and fresh plants, electronics… they are indeed a MEGA mall squeezed into a really small space… ahhahaha… think i’m kinda hooked to the experience of shopping at mustafa where u dun need to walk an entire orchard road or shop at suburb malls and u can almost get the stuff u wan at good prices… will definitely go there more often.. hee hee…

this week’s gonna be a bz week so gotta try to hunker down and work… =P