prata and fried chicken simpang bedok

last week was an interesting week ending off with a rather sedate weekend… parents went off to china for a week-long holiday (cheers!) so i could stay out a bit later than usual wifout the nagging… =P

went to simpang bedok on friday (or was it saturday) for dinner… had prata and fried chicken… lookin at the image now is still making me feel hungry… the chicken was crispy and tender on the inside… prata was the usual… ahah… though i must say the carpark was a bit the small…

weekend was spent trying to catch on my housework like washing the laundry etc… also took time out to spend time wif him since i kinda like left him to his own devices on the weekend of the CPL event..=P

anyway… i was also super engrossed in this game called ‘osu! tatakae! ouedan!!’ which is another music rhythm game wif a super difference… you control a trio of male cheerleaders whose sole purpose is to cheer up individual characters on in their quests… and quests can be as mundane as passing the exams… to making it in time for an afterwork party… to being a successful egyptian priestess… -_-” yes… its really silly but its hilariously fun at the same time… i’m super hooked on that game… ahahha

therefore at this moment… games that i’m hooked on are:

  • osu! tatakae! ouedan!
  • nintendogs (i gotta feed my beagle, rocket)
  • rhythm tengoku
  • mario kart
  • brain age
  • cooking mama