just came back frm my colleague’s wedding dinner and its been raining since the morning (okay it stopped in the afternoon) and its still raining now as i type this out in my ibook… lovely december weather… i like only the cool temperature and not the drizzle… coz it means i can bring out my long cotton pajamas bottom (in tones of thick and thin pink stripes) and wear them to bed without feeling too warm in the middle of the night…

mmm… its almost like spring/autumn in brisbane…

speaking of which… i’m planning to go on a short trip to melbourne/adelaide next year… so gotta start saving now!!! m very excited about it coz i wanna do a bit of shopping… walk the streets of melbourne and check out the wineries in aussie… and of course wear layers of clothing frm the cold… i know it’ll be cold but i’m definitely looking forward to tat… operation wombat will begin soon!!

wish list of things to buy/see in aussie:

  • lingerie (bonds, elle macpherson, k-mart, target SALE items)
  • cosmopolitan
  • cafes
  • wineries
  • warehouse sale
  • flat boots
  • clothes!!

hopefully we can stay wif julien’s friend who will be working there next year… can’t wait… i miss aussie…