all-in-one update!

1. instant-real meat-noodles!, 2. inside the cookbook 02, 3. its winter!, 4. kolo mee, 5. black ravioli wif saffron cream sauce, 6. mandarin hotel chicken rice sample

hahaha this is a fantastic tool to use wif flickr… i’ve actually placed a link on the link-list but here it is – fd’s Flickr Toys… it requires u to upload the mosiac file into your flickr photos… so could be a bit troublesome… but i’m not complaining.. hehehehe

okies… let’s go in order now… my colleague helped me get this realllllllllly delicious instant noodles that has real meat in there… hehehe its in my drawer now… i can’t bear to eat them… also did up a cookbook for my school assignment… had loads of fun tho it was super last minute.. ahhahaha… its winter-time in animal crossing and i made my first ‘snowman’!!

and of course there’s the food… vivocity kolo mee, black ravioli from menotti’s (yumz!!) and mandarin hotel chicken rice (the one from chatterbox) that i had at a wedding dinner… man i’m getting hungry!!

i am saving the best for the last!!! my xmas came slightly earlier this year… heee… check out wat i got frm him!! >_<

xmas is here early!

1. dangling keychain!, 2. keys on the coach!, 3. xmas pressie, 4. coach packaging

yes!! a pink flip flop keychain from coach in replacement of my havaianas keychain (the ‘slipper’ bit broke, leaving me with the sole…) hahahaha the most appropriate present for me right now… i hvn’t thrown away the old one… juz kept it with the key to my (ex)aussie home… thanks babe!! =D