happy new year to you!! its 2007 and i’m juz thinking ‘what in the world happened in 2006?’

in any case… my NYE was spent buying stuff, cooking and entertaining my friends at a mini dinner party… man… and all because i wanted to make this shepherd’s pie and brownie frm nigella lawson’s christmas bites tv special… didn’t realise how much work the shepherd’s pie is… took more than 2 hours to prepare and make the meat portion and the mashed potato portion… -_-” thank goodness i had some help frm babe… =P hee…

*tip for really really smooth mashed potatoes: use a cheese grater (the kind that has a barrel and you gotta turn it to grate the cheese…) which ‘grates’ the potatoes into fine bits that resembles rice… when you stir it with a spoon, it all joins together to become mashed potatoes! of course pls rem to add milk and butter.. ahhahaha

shepherd's pie out of the oven! brownies

the food turned out pretty good… babe made pork soulvakia (a greek dish) which was quite yummy and we had the brownie wif vanilla ice-cream… hehehe will post more photos of the gathering when i get them frm my friend… by the time everyone left and we tidied the house to an acceptable condition, the time was 2am!! tiring but satisfying.. =D
hope this coming year will be fruitful and happy for you too!