Holiday Shopping!

wat a way to start off the new year… with loads of sales, promotions happening in singapore (POST XMAS SALE! NEW YEAR SALE!!) its kinda hard not to walk away without buying anything…

and so i did… mostly under the umbrella of ‘it’s all for chinese new year!’ hahaha… went to a few places but pull and bear was THE place for me over the weekend coz i got a pair of jeans, a top and a jacket from there… zara wasn’t that good this time round.. their collection on sale is from autumn winter which isn’t very ‘buy-able’… but i managed to get a fantastic bargain when i went to the liat tower’s branch… a pair of indian-ish slippers for $15!! yes!! hahahaha

sabochan! porkchop meet sabochan!

a new addition to my tokidoki collection… introducing sabochan frm his catus friends collection… managed to find her at the wheelock place toyshop… and SANDy as well.. but decided against buying two and bought sabochan instead… i like her ‘attitude’ look… ;) will post more images of her out of the box by next week.

what a big hole all these has burnt into my pocket!! =P