sabochan mosaic

after a week of sitting in the box.. sabochan graciously posed for a few photos which you can view on my flickr set… =) she’s got such an attitude to her! very different from mozzarella… hehehe… ‘watcha lookin’ at dude?!’

i went to the gym on saturday intending to go for bodyjam and den yoga classes only to find out that they were having special classes on that day so end up doing half of the bodyjam class and bodybalance class instead of yoga… bodyjam was quite fun… will try to go for that the next time i go down on saturday… yoga is of course a staple.. hee

bought a few lingerie items over the weekend… did some clearing up of the computer table… watched a bit of tv… it was a quiet weekend… babe’s in reservist now so spent the weekend wif him at vivocity on sunday…

time for lunch!