i m currently typing this out on the latest install of wordpress (2.1 ella)… finally i can toggle between html codes and visual editing of my blog… and autosaved! login screen looks so much snazzier and there’s spell checking for posts as well!! wahahhaha… since i started using wordpress in 2005… i must say this upgrade is indeed appreciated… =D

mysterious flame...

i saw these pair of tealight lamps at a shop (called the touch house of art and design) in millenia walk… they’re frm this brand called holmegaard glasverks in denmark… and the lamps are called “fire ball”… it comes in coloured transparent versions as well.. but i personally prefer the opaque version coz its juz so much more unique! when you light the tealight.. the entire lamp glows… almost like an electric version would… but much softer and dimmer… i could stare at this all day… like a glowing moon in the darkness of the room…

so i bot the big one as a pressie for babe… but couldn’t resist and went back for the smaller version… hehehe….

since the last time i blogged (meh)… i’ve:

  • gotten my lashes curled for a day… wif a eyelash curler and mascara lah..
  • ate the delicious and famous katong laksa (at katong…)
  • went to wisma to have lunch (and the famous fried prawn noodles)
  • went to a korean restaurant at bugis for dinner to celebrate my mum’s bday
  • did bodyjam class and yoga at the gym!
  • went for a relaxing day at the spa (complete wif massage, scrubs and a good soak)

it was a good week… heheheheh…