5 May 2007

tv’s blaring the latest donation show frm the local tv station… i’m sitting in the relative breeze of my room after dinner… i’m glad for akismet for their amazing spam moderating service… else my comment box would be super flooded with spam comments that encourages u to buy medication… enlarge certain portions of the body or visit sites online… sigh… it makes u wonder who are the companies that actually run such schemes… =/

anyway this post is abt connectivity… went for my uni friend’s wedding lunch yesterday at m hotel… though its lunch… the food we ate were like dinner-style so when we left at 4plus… all of us were very full and not wishing to stare at another plate of spinach… hahaha and my goodness i finally admit that singapore is truly a very very small space coz i met my JC classmate there!

yup after 10 years since i was at JC (for a short five months)… and after absolutely no idea of where my JC friends were and how they were doing… to bump into one at ur uni-friend’s wedding is simply too much of a coincidence… she is a friend of the bride and was helping her out at the reception… and i couldn’t recognise her at all coz she had short hair and specs the last time i saw her… now she has long hair wif contacts (i think…) and working as an air-stewardess… at the end of the event we exchanged phone numbers for future contact purposes… i had to ask her for her name coz i absolutely could not rem… lol (come on its ten years ago… cut me some slack!)

isn’t it such a !!!!!! thing?? hahaha considering that the wife of another uni-friend is my sec school mate’s poly friend goes to show that the six-degrees of difference holds true… now i’m waiting for someone to tell me that babe is like my friend’s friend’s friend’s friend’s friend’s friend… wahahahah