suma and hopson

my sis blogged this… i laughed and laughed when i read it…

Big sis bought Hopson for me~ he’s a stuff rabbit with long and floppy ears, and Really, REALLY soulful eyes. :D

Big sis: *dugs out hopson from pile of toys in the store*

Me and big sis: *gasp*
*Hopson stares back with biiiig soulful eyes*
Me and big sis: Awwwwww~~~~~

And now, my big sis says that Hopson is Suma’s new rival. ^^;;;

There was another one called Snackers, which is this bigger white rabbit that’s carrying a carrot. (with a little smile and small eyes) XD;; Big sis said that it looks…dumb.

it was almost exactly as she said… only that she wanted to buy snackers and i grabbed hopson and proceeded to do the soulful eyes treatment… lol…