mosaic of the week

loads of photos but no blogging.. hahah i know been really slack about it… but after staring at the comp for more than 8 hours a day… all you wanna do when u’re back home is to not stare at the comp… =P

the past week was just filled wif late nights at the office and a general lack of sleep… however i did managed to squeeze in some time for nice dinners and a bit of gashapon ‘twisting’… what’s a gashapon? its actually little toys that you can get at a machine (check out wiki’s definition)… and its all about luck coz you don’t know wat you’ll get when u insert the coin and twist the knob… hehehehe my colleagues and i have been spending alot of money on the toys… they’re all very cute!!

been wearing my threadless tees almost everyday to work… they’re very comfy and the tees are actually longer than the ones i can find in sg so they’re great wif hipster jeans… kekekeke can’t wait for the next round of sale!!