woah… it’s been a crazy start to august… work’s been hectic as we are rushing to complete stuff for a major event happening next week… and i’ve not been very inspired to blog about stuff too… =P

besides being very busy… august this year seems to be a very very rainy month… in the past week it has rained really heavily for four mornings… which is good coz that means its not as warm… however i’ve never remembered august as a rainy month… it seems more like november or december to me!

august is also the month where babe found a job!! okies not that he wasn’t working previously but it was mostly freelance work (which i had to keep bugging him to chase payment for… lol) but he managed to get a position at the same company he freelanced for… which i think is really cool! =D [but on the other hand... this means he's working in an agency as an AD (which is wat i always wanted to do... sobs)]

my friend accepted a job in hong kong starting this month as well.. and we had a lovely farewell dinner with her before she left… here’s wishing her all the best in the new position and good luck!

tonight i’m throwing a wii party for my colleagues… goin to order pizza and probably buying some chips… got a couple of extra wii-motes and a game from my friend… so hopefully it’ll be fun for everyone… =P