here’s an article my friend passed to me today… pains and pleasures of motivation

“Many of us are lost in helplessness and self doubt. Most of us spend our entire lives wondering how to tap into our potential. We lack the confidence that separates the winners from the also-rans. The problem is we don’t feel certain we can achieve our desired goals. We do not truly believe that the future will bring good tidings, that tomorrow will be better than today. If you have a sincere desire to attain a life worth living then the power of motivation will reveal answers to your deepest questions. When we fail to succeed it is important to ask ourselves: what went wrong?

…. You must have compelling reasons that will overpower your doubts, your comfort zone and your lack of confidence stemming from past failures. Otherwise you will face the common problem of procrastination. This means you are putting off the pain towards the future. All of this points to one singular problem: The pain of success.

… Out of the two, the strongest desire is to avoid pain. Pain is always a bigger motivator than pleasure. Understanding the power of fear is the first step to understanding motivation. The power of fear does two things for you:

    1. Prevents you from taking action
    2. Motivates you to take action

… If we want to be successful then we cannot depend on the power of desire alone. It’s important to use fear to sustain motivation. That’s all there is to it. If you want to achieve your desired goals, the way to succeed is to use pain instead of allowing pain to use you.”