was reading this particular blog and one of her posts somewhat struck an interesting chord in me… here’s a section of the post that i want to leave here for reminder… basically the author was talking about her friend who went to see a therapist but couldn’t get beyond bursting into tears every time they met instead of telling him what her issues were.. so she asked the therapist why she was behaving as such… here’s his reply:

“When you meet people in your everyday life, all of your mental barriers are up and full-on. You are in control because you deal within your sphere of comfort. So even if you talk about things that hit on your big crazy issues, even if you are aware of some problems you have inside, you control what you share, whom you talk to, what you say, when you end that conversation. With me, you are out of your comfort zone and your barriers are completely down. So these are your baby tears.”

how true this is… sometimes you do know what’s wrong within yourself.. it just takes alot to admit and realise what’s happening AND keep reminding yourself… coz as we all know… we always tend to forget till the next ‘crisis’ somewhat…

one of my favourite blog reads (mr wang says so) latest post is about auditing your life… which is probably the hardest thing you can do… well at least for me… in fact i’m not sure if i would be honest with myself in auditing my life…

“I suppose that’s why many people would hesitate to perform a life audit. You would have to step back and take a good hard look at yourself, the warts included. That could be somewhat painful, sometimes.

One thing to remember is that your current situation, whether good or bad, didn’t develop overnight. It took you your entire life, to get to where you are and who you are today. And you still have the rest of your life, to try to get to where and who you’d rather be.

The time will pass anyway. What have you got to lose?”

perhaps the realisation that ‘SHIT WHY DIDN’T I REALISE THIS EARLIER!!’ =P