went town today to run some errands in time for the co’s xmas party next monday… and just by spending a good four to five hours in town.. i’ve managed to record the following observations:

  • crabtree and evelyn’s stuff are very the expensive
  • crabtree and evelyn’s staff (at ngee ann city) are not very the helpful nor friendly – none of them approached the people browsing in the store… i bought a pack of three mini scented pillows, and when i asked the cashier how do i use them… she gave me a look that was like ‘huh you shld know what why you asking me’ and proceed to reply me with the answer i gave… sigh
  • one can start off eating the very yummy mushroom linguine from bakerzin and end up swearing off the dish for the next two weeks by the time one sees the bottom of the plate
  • the queue to get takashimaya’s wrapping paper is longer than the line for wrapping the actual presents…
  • there’s this manager guy who wrapped one of my present and he only used a piece of scotch tape for the whole thing… ONE PIECE… he basically just held one corner and fold fold fold… tadah! present wrapped!