xmas mosaic

where we have santas, (fake) snow and loads of presents… i didn’t get everyone a present this year (not that i do…) coz i wasn’t really in the mood nor was i very interested in participating in the crazy gift-buying downtown… so i only gave selected people pressies instead… (not even a card!! gosh…)

i did get a few presents though… from my friends/colleagues (they end up being friends coz u see them so often!) and a few other surprises yesterday namely:

  • manekineko cat and pouch (wrapped in see-thru paper.. hahaha)
  • my first tokidoki tee!! (featured above – very exciting!)
  • threadless tees FINALLY arrived… (yeah yeah presents for myself.. lol)
  • usb-powered aroma thingy (missing out on an xbox yet again.. -_-”)
  • candy cane and candy santa

was part of the (arrowed) xmas party committee so spent the good… er.. half of the day yesterday running around getting my colleagues to play games like ‘win, lose or draw’, ‘dog and bone’, ‘carnival’ on the wii, musical chairs and ‘deal or no deal’… hahaha… i was actually thinking people might not be interested in the games.. but to my surprise they participate with pretty much gusto… and loads of laughs went around… but there was no alcohol (sad)

by the time the party sorta ended… i was BUSHED… even though i didn’t play any games… -_-” ahahah must be all the adrenalin pumping eh… anyway its a slow and steady day today… probably be at home the whole day… relaxing a bit..

merry xmas!

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