vegas mosaic

lest you think i was there holidaying… think again… spent most part of the weekend we were there setting up the booth… by the time we were done it was evening and we had just enough time to have dinner and take a walk around before going back to the hotel to do some work and attempt to sleep… the first few days we were still up at 4am no thanks to jet lag and caught only around 3-4 hours of sleep before we were awake again…

if i thought vegas was huge and amazing bling bling… i was even more taken aback by the scale of CES… how big was it? let me put it this way… our booth was located in the north hall… every morning my colleague and i had to be at the south hall… which was separated by the central hall… everytime we make a trip from the north to the south one way… it takes us a good 30mins of WALKING… we discovered a mini shortcut on the second day of the event.. but it was still a good 20+ minutes… by the end of the week… we were tired of walking and i had a big blister on my toe… i think in that amount of time… you could have walked like 2-3 times of all the singapore expo halls… i didn’t manage to see every single exhibitor there but alot of the big companies (microsoft, intel, motorola, LG, nokia etc) had HUGEEEEEEEEEEEE booths… with super plushy carpets (they placed padding underneath the carpet)

in any case… i spent most of my CES time in the south hall and was very pleased to discover that they had a counter outside selling krispy kreme doughnuts… my colleagues said that the really piping hot ones are the best… but for me it doesn’t matter coz YOU CAN’T GET IT IN SG (hot or cold)!! so every morning i would take away coffee from the cafe at the hotel… proceed to the event grounds and grab my original glazed for breakfast… and another for lunch… =P

in fact my appetite in vegas was so small i was shocked at myself… maybe it’s psychological coz the first time we had a proper sat-down dinner… i ordered a pasta and the portion that came was so much… i think i finished like 1/3 of it at best… don’t know how my US colleagues managed to finish it… gosh… so most of the time i could survive the whole day just on one doughnut… =P