its a rainy day today… i’m sitting in the middle of the office (literally) trying not to freeze my butt off… in front of me is a cup of green tea that i’m occasionally cupping with my hands in the hope of warming at least one part of my body…

which reminded me of the lunch i had on sunday to celebrate mothers’ day… my family went out to this restaurant along neil road which serves xiao long bao, dumplings and the like… and i discovered the BESTEST (to date) spicy and sour soup… it was not very spicy but super duper sour which i totally adore… i had one small bowl to myself and a little bit more… ehehhehe

other than that the rest of the dishes were pretty nice.. esp the fried dumplings which were pretty special as they were not fully wrapped but had both ends open… and the red bean pancake was nice and crispy on the outside wif the filling sandwiched in between… it wasn’t too sweet so i kinda like it… making my mouth water as i’m typing this out!