devilish pizza!

*post will sound very vague unless u know wat i’m talking abt… lol*

the past month’s been pretty interesting for me… i feel like its an accumulation of all things i’ve learnt previously on my own and at the same time learning again… its really great too to be able to pass on the same information to others and seeing them go ‘ohhh… interesting’ as well, though at a much elementary level… i’m sure this is what my fren is feeling too whenever i ping him with a ‘ask u ah…’ and it ends up wif a good result…

as for the post title, why do i say that? well its a saturday… i’ve been up since eight am and working on the personal project for the last couple of hours even though i have an appointment at ten… think i gotta work on my time management a bit… den again i had a badddd headache since yesterday (it cleared today) so i couldn’t really work on it yesterday night… (hehehe excuses!!)

nonetheless the road has just begun and there’s still alot of work ahead… =) fingers crossed for everything… gambadette!!

in other news… the past month’s been filled with shopping *sobs* – threadless tees, tokidoki tees, OPI nail polishes – and eating… ahhhhhhhhhh too much!! =P