writing this in response to a phone call the other day i got frm a bank dude… he was trying to sell me some bank stuff and since i was at home and comfy… i din mind listening to him. unfortunately he began really badly…

‘hello ms “name”… i’m calling frm “bank”… are you convienient?”

i almost burst out laughing but managed to compose myself and answer ‘huh? i’m sorry?”

“ms ‘name’ are you convienient?” the dear bank guy repeated again… and the evil side in me made him repeat that same sentence twice (‘huh?’) before my conscience kicked in and i decided to spare myself from laughing really loud by saying ‘i don’t understand what you are saying?” to which he replied “are you busy, in a meeting? are you convienient?”

*facepalm* he din get it… so i did a theatrical “OHHH… that’s what you meant… yes i’m in a meeting now, quite busy” and waited till he said he’ll call back later before hanging up the phone… sigh

maybe it’s just me, but when you’re trying to sell something to someone over the phone… i think its really important to form the questions or wat in proper grammar… i’ve heard telesales personnel who simply read off a script and as much as i don’t like it… at least it’s correct and pleasing to the ear… i think this bank dude would have continued reading off a script but its just the first question that got me really amused…

no i’m not a convienient store… and i’m not an easy gal… :P