she rocks.


it was the most WORTH IT SGD$250 i have ever spent… finally after soooo long… and many kylie concert dvds later… i get to see her perform live!! and boy… my friend and i probably got one of the best angles in the house… she was clever enough to choose a seat that was within our ticket price but as close to the stage as possible… hehe… so we were seated on the left side of the stage and we were pleasantly surprised that our gamble paid off… lucky!! :D

as you can see… i just came back from the concert.. super perky now and jumpy whilst uploading most of the photos onto my flickr page… mmmm in the meantime i shall try to calm down so that i can actually get to sleep (got work tomolo since i’m flying for taipei on thurs – another YAY!)…

‘can’t get you out of my head… la la la… la la lalala…’