my friend just sent me this link to a list of moral dilemma questions… i’ve read through some of them and it’s not that hard to answer some of the questions (not as morally tough as i would believe) but it does give you food for thought… here’s a couple to start you off with…

Q: You discover your partner is having an affair. Would you be more or less hurt to discover their affair was with a member of the same sex?

Q: How much money, if indeed you have a price, would you need to be paid to sleep with person who hadn’t showered or washed for a month?

Q: Amongst your friends, family and colleagues, who would be the most likely to appear in an ‘adult-themed’ movie?

Q: You are given the opportunity to discover the exact date you will die. Would you want to know?

Q: Which would you prefer, to be 100% emotionally content or 100% financially content for the rest of your life?

Q: Which of the following powers would you most like to possess? The power to become invisible, the ability to read minds or x-ray vision?

Q: Your partner is offered $100,000 to be photographed nude and the pictures published in a magazine. What would your reaction be?

Q: You win a prize in a competition of two-weeks holiday every year for the next 20 years. The only catch is that it has to be the same town or city every year. Where would you take your holiday?

Q: You can be reincarnated as any living creature except as a human. What would you like to be reincarnated as and why?

Q: You have to make one species of animal extinct. Excluding insects, which species would you make extinct?

Q: If you could change your life, would you rather be a film star, a rock star, a famous sports person or prefer to just remain yourself?

Q: If you could spend one week in any period of history, which period would you choose?

also check out this hilarious clip of the five stages of grief/death.. watever… featuring a giraffe stuck in quicksand!! ahahhahahahahahahaha

p.s. okies just found this great para about love whilst googling stuff… just gotta share it here…

Real, deep, solid love is different. It is the decision to want the best for someone and to make this person happy. The feelings are different to the feelings of falling in love, and you don’t always feel anything. But the cheerful feelings will come back again. This is not always the case with the feelings of falling in love. This feelings you will only have a few month or maybe a year or two. The disappear and they will not come back in the same form.

To make the decision to love someone really and deeply, you must know this person personally. This takes some time and can not happen in a few weeks or month. (Thats why I think its not a good idea to get married too soon!). But it is not enough to know the other person, you also must know yourself very well to see if the other person could be in line with you. For this one needs to be obtain a certain age and maturity. Nobody is perfect so one also needs to know the one’s and the others quirks and to accept them. If you truly love someone then you respect this person for who he or she is. You love the person itselfe and not the great dream of it. And you don’t want to change the person, but accept every bit of it. You don’t have to agree with everything, but you can life with it. Misunderstandings are allowed and you may have some arguments, and even then you love the other person wholly. You can talk about everything and share your innermost thoughts and worries and there is a mutual understanding (or at least you try to understand the reverse side and accept it). Everyone can really trust the other one. Noone needs to wear a mask. Both parts can be their selfes and don’t need to dissimulate.