went out wif a couple of ex-colleagues last night and we got to talking about what are the things we value (ahahah yeah we’re really philosophical nowadays) and everyone listed their top three values… so i’m just goin to write it down here before i forget and see if these really are what i value the most – they are in no particular order:

1. personal development
i have always liked learning things… i’m a bit academic in this sense… so i want to be able to improve myself continuously and learn… hopefully i can apply them as well.. ahhahaha

2. freedom
this really figures very high on my list… i want to be able to have the choice to do what i want… to think what i want… gotta work on this more…

3. relationships
my colleague mentioned love and family in his value-system… but i hesitate to split them up like that… instead i use the word relationships… between family and friends as well as colleagues and casual acquaintances…