*15 feb update: okay i’ve roped in a friend to come along for the trip (my fren can celebrate birthday at oktoberfest leh…) and have set the start of trip date to be tentatively on 27 sept… wahahahhahaha this feels good!

i might be going to oktoberfest (in munich) next year… and italy for sure and hopefully my german fren will be able to accompany me at least for a bit of the italia trip… he said he’s never been to florence, tuscany before so he doesn’t mind going with me (if he can…) around tuscany…

so in the meantime i shall do a bit of reading up and planning on how to get to munich from italia (or vice versa)… i’m thinking of doing a 2 week trip… hopefully that will be enough to cover the major areas of italia… i would love to visit other countries like france (paris!), switzerland (maybe can pass by?), england etc… but i’m not too sure if i am able to take so many days off or save so much money in the time i have as well… ahahahah nonetheless i will do the best that i can and no matter wat… i’m going italia!!

here are some links for my own reference… hee