in keeping with the tune of celebrating my 30th birthday next year in europe (my bday is in august.. but well… i’m going to be 30 the whole year so who cares!) i’ve decided to try to come up with a list of 30 things i want to do when i’m there… initially i tot it was kinda hard… i mean it’s 30 things in 2 weeks! the last time i went to taiwan for a week i don’t think i did 15 things… but after doing a bit of research and thinking… GEEEEEESSSS it is hard to have ONLY 30 things… lol

and just by planning these 30 things… i am having to think of the itinerary that i might wanna be doing (and i’m doing this literally one and a half years before the trip… other pple take weeks to plan but i think i’m being super duper kiasu…) which at this moment is still up for debate (in my head that is….) and definitely changes…

nonetheless there are certain areas that i know i will definitely be going… munich in germany and tuscany, florence and rome in italy… obviously if i list every single attraction that i have to go in my list… it’ll go beyond 30 things… so i am goin to have to do a mix of specific places i wanna visit plus generic things i wanna do (eg: eat pasta…) so i’m not like some half-crazed tourist rushing ard everywhere… learnt that when i was in taiwan – nua-ed half my time there which was nice… ahahah

actually i have a million and one things that i wanna do… but of coz realistically i can’t squeeze allllllll of them in two weeks… as such i’m having to consider the regions/cities that i wanna visit very carefully… hrmmm

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