posted this on my FB account… going to put them here for future reference… =)

I promised my colleague to do this once she has done hers… and she has so here’s my very own list of 25 Things…

1. I take really good care of my gadgets. My first CD player (Sony!) lasted me at least more than 3 years and looked like new on the outside but I had to get the gears replaced cause it was worn out. Then I passed it to my sister who promptly spoilt it… =(

2. My first soft toy (that I remembered) was a cloth-print rabbit that I named “Dolly” even though he was a boy. He went through many reincarnations (basically my parents just bought back the same doll and I continued the name) and even though the last one is now disintegrating, I still haven’t thrown him away. He’s folded in half in a plastic bag somewhere in my house… =P

3. My siblings and I created a whole universe for all our toys in my house. I know its childish but I don’t care. I used the same-said universe to create a proposal for a children game when I was in university and it got me good marks! ;)

4. I always felt like I had a guardian angel watching over me when I was young and so now I believe that everyone has a guardian angel too (in a non-reglious way)…

5. When I was in primary/secondary school, I received a Guess watch for my birthday that came in a Guess paperbag. The image on the paperbag was a model dressed in a white bikini with a scuba mask on her head. I brought that paperbag to school and was promptly scolded by everyone. Till this day, I have no idea what was so wrong about bringing that bag… hrmmm…

6. I learnt how to drive before I learnt how to cycle. Don’t ask me why… it just happened.

7. I cannot stand the sight or thought of snails and escargots after seeing them smeared like jam all over the pavement on a rainy day in Australia. Smeared by cyclists… gah =/

8. I love Top Gear, F1, fast cars and speeeeeeeddddd. But if you start spewing numbers of BHP etc… I will still go blank unless some form of comparison is made to things I understand. But I will probably nod in understanding if you tell me “Maybe I should get a separate set of racing tires for track purposes…”

9. My favourite supercars atm: Audi R8 (diamond eyes!!), Lamborghini. I like the font of the Porsche ‘turbo’ word though…

10. I have decided that if I have the means to buy supercars, I will buy a Porsche 911 for daily use and a Lamborghini (or Audi R8) for those special occasions. Yes… much like a normal dress for daily wear and an evening gown for wedding dinners.

11. I think phone cameras are the best invention evar. My SE K800i coupled with a 4GB MS card makes me feel very powerful… I have not had to delete a single photo since I got the card… and mind you, I set the highest res possible… mwahahahah!

12. I think I have a weird sense of humor… I find certain things funny when others don’t… *snigger*

13. The best feeling in the world to me is when I step through the Departure Gate at Changi Airport. I know I’m going somewhere exciting. You cannot even begin to fathom the sheer amount of happiness that I get!! =D

14. On Flickr, the photos of my feet after a nicely done pedicure have more hits than my other photos. That is why I think my feet are ‘pornstars’ in their own right… LOL

15. I like a nice ass on a guy. Bonus marks if he’s taller than me (when I’m in my heels) and has a good sense of humor… LOL

16. As of now I’ve only been to 5 countries: Australia (Brisbane, Sydney), Taiwan (Taipei), USA (Las Vegas), Malaysia (Genting, Cameron Highlands, Pahang) and Indonesia (Bintan, Batam). Yes… I have never been to Bangkok… or Vietnam… or Hong Kong… ‘no feeling ah’… however I will definitely go Europe!

17. I had a crew cut once when I was in poly… it was really fun to just dry my hair simply by running my towel over it. I remember looking in fascination in the mirror at my hair standing by itself… however I will not repeat it again… am loving my long hair with a fringe atm.

18. I like mashed potatoes… I can eat a tub of large KFC mashed potatoes by myself… I absolutely love the fries from the “In and Out” burger joint too – please check it out when you are in the USA.

19. The best donuts in the world to me are those from Krispy Kreme. When I was in Vegas for an event, I survived on one Original Glazed donut every day that I was at the event hall and was absolutely contented with that… together with a cup of coffee of course!

20. This is my favourite number in this list simply because its my birthdate… 20 August people… 20 August… hehehehe

21. I tried to learn how to play the piano when I was young. Unfortunately I didn’t go very far… didn’t even pass the first grade test… didn’t like to practice and I didn’t really like my teacher who kept chiding me for not practicing… LOL

22. Besides pestering my parents to let me learn the piano, I also pestered them to let me learn how to draw. My mum didn’t know where to find art classes except the nearby community centre. I remember only attending one class and in that class I had to do still life (yes it was adult drawing class!)… I remember having much difficulty doing it but felt pretty great when the teacher gave me a “D”… the teacher was very kind to direct my mum to the more appropriate art classes that were held at the PAP kindergarten school and so I was subsequently enrolled there… and learnt drawing/painting etc till I stopped in Secondary 3.

23. I like to travel, it makes me feel alive and yet small so that my ego don’t grow too huge for its own good. However I don’t like to travel alone – not because I’m scared but sometimes you just want someone there to share the amazing experiences with.

24. I have a phobia of being near underwater creatures… not too sure why but it freaks me out very much. Visiting Underwater World is stressful for me let alone diving!

25. I don’t have a huge iTunes collection as I usually just listen to the same couple of songs (of the moment) on my computer and my iPod (Shuffle or Touch). My music collection atm includes English, Italian, Mandarin, Japanese and a few German tracks… =)