i have this list on the right side of my blog that lists the goals that i had set for myself at the start of the year… i also have almost the similar list of things in my ipod touch (but i edit that more often than this…) and one of the items in that list is creating value and attracting abundance into my life, which i feel i do have in certain areas but not others…

at the moment i’m more concerned about the ‘creating value’ portion vs attracting abundance into my life… but recently steve pavlina wrote a post titled ‘overcoming cheapness‘ which really resonated in me deeply. as i read the post, i found myself readily identifying with many of the points he raised and being surprised at some of the ‘positive thinking’ thoughts that he raised (gave me a ‘ohh… never thought of it that way’ kind of a feeling)…

i am a visual person… i have to go out to town and take a walk around just to check out what’s happening in the stores… seeing beautiful things really gives me a good buzz and many times i’ve literally ‘LUSTED’ over many of the things i’ve seen… leading to quite a bit of impulse buys… but of coz, due to my personal ‘block’ of ‘not enough money to buy this or that’… i often find myself compromising or not buying the item at all… so this post really opened up my eyes on wat i should do in order to release the blocks to abundance, identify and maintain myself in that higher state of vibration where i can have what i desire… and i do desire the most expensive things when i go out shopping.. ahahha could be the leo in me~

actually i have already caught the gist of this when i was in uni… my fren/housemate used to buy the cheapest, most value-for-money household items which inevitably broke down or was not as good/durable/long-lasting as she thought… and though sometimes i do go along with her purchases… i personally preferred to buy things that were more expensive but gave me a good feeling when i’m using it (toilet paper is a very, very good example… trust me… ;P) and in the long run we realised that cheapest does not equate to good value… at the same time, it really doesn’t give you a good feeling…

back in singapore, i often buy food or things back home that i think my parents would consider expensive (if i told them how much it really cost.. hehehe) but at the end of the day, they always enjoy them much more than the ‘alternatives’ eg: the yummy chocolate croissants from provence cafe – costs a whole lot more than the cheaper ones in breadtalk, four leaves etc… but taste oh so much nicer!

so for food i am learning not to deny myself (too much.. hehehe), eat the food that makes me happy without being too concerned about the price… this is precisely what steve’s post is talking about…

How can I afford it?

Once you’ve identified what you really want, then take note of the price. If you can easily afford it, go ahead and buy it. It’s what you want after all. Don’t block yourself. Don’t be a cheapskate. What do you think money is for anyway? Do you think you’ll get more joy out of life by staring at your bank balance?

If affording the desired item seems like it would be a financial challenge, then ask yourself, “How can I afford this?” Is it really out of your league, or is it possible that you could earn it? If you come up with a way to intelligently afford the item, then make it so. Don’t hold yourself back.

Could you afford the item by having a garage sale to get rid of some of your old junk? Could you put in a few more hours at work? Could you pounce on an opportunity that you’ve been dismissing? Could you come up with a way to create and deliver more value, thereby boosting your income? Could you acquire the item creatively, such as by bartering for it.

Do NOT obsess over the price of the item. Do NOT worry about whether or not it’s a good value relative to your income.

Obsess over your desire instead. Hold the intention to acquire the item with ease. Imagine that it’s already yours. Picture yourself enjoying it. Feel grateful for it in advance. Think about how much you’ll appreciate it.

If you do this right and avoid blocking yourself, you’ll find that something rather amazing happens. The money you need may simply show up in your life. A new opportunity may present itself that makes it easy to get the money. The item itself may come into your life through an expected turn of events. The item may go on sale, making it affordable for you.

Be watchful for synchronicities related to the item. Follow them.

Desire acts like a magnet. Once you tune into your desires, allow your desires to manifest. Don’t block yourself by returning to thoughts of scarcity. Don’t assume you can’t have what you want. Don’t think about settling for a less desirable substitute. Know that what you want is already coming to you.

As far as the universe is concerned, there’s no difference between a $10 item and a $10,000 item.  The reason the $10K item seems more difficult to manifest is because of your beliefs. You believe it’s harder to manifest, and so it is.

Mmmm… now thinking back… i realised that my simply gorgeous/beautiful/well-lusted-over jacket and the gorgeous blue dress (both bought from mango) just came from my consistent obsession over them! let me explain a bit further…

my military-inspired jacket!!

1. Jacket

i had already wanted to buy a military-inspired jacket (with the shoulder bits) since last year… when i was in taipei, everytime i went out shopping, i would keep an eye out for any jackets that was similar to wat i had in mind… but unfortunately they were all guy jackets (which didn’t fit well on me)… and it was equally impossible to find in singapore… that was till i went to mango’s sale where my eyes were arrested by the jacket i eventually bought… in fact at the first mango store… the jacket i saw was in a size S and missing a button (no spares…) then i decided to take a gamble and go to another outlet to check it  out.. and there was just one M size left!! you can imagine my joy.. ahhaha and at a price of $69… i didn’t even think twice but bought it immediately… =D in fact i was so happy with my find that i didn’t have to buy a single thing for the rest of the day… lol

really lovely blue dress...

2. Blue gown/dress

okay i wasn’t really looking for a gown… since i seldom attend dinners or events that would require me to wear one…  but with my friend’s wedding in august… i wanted to see if i could find something nice to wear as well… somehow this dress caught my eye when i was (once again) at mango… but when i first saw it at the start of june… it was going for $125 and there was only one size M left… i tried it… loved it and decided not to buy it (since i have no need for it…) nonetheless after that… every time i went to mango.. i would peek at the racks to see if the dress was available in size M or cheaper… without much thought that i would actually buy it… however just last week… when i went past the same mango store where i first saw the dress… the price had been slashed to an amazing $85!! okok there were only S sizes left… butttttt i got the last one with the brooch still on… ahahha really made me very pleased that now i do have a nice gown to wear for my friend’s wedding… ;)

let me leave you with this last thought from steve’s post:

Appreciation and gratitude

When you get what you want, receive it with gratitude. Take time to appreciate it. Enjoy it fully.

Give yourself the message that you can have whatever you desire. You just have to identify it and claim it.

This is how to live in harmony with abundance.

okies time to start practising more of that!