haven’t been blogging much… ahahah tweeting more than blogging… but since today is my bday… i have to write something to commemorate the occasion… lol

been quite bz at work for the past month – most of the time trying to rush out marketing collaterals for two events my company is organizing this week/weekend… one in the US and the other just started in europe… also had to help out at my fren’s wedding last friday (which was tiring btw.. but was quite fun and relaxing at the same time…) as the emcee… she was nice enough to sponsor a makeup/hair session with her makeup artist (sandy – did a greattttt job!) and i did have alot of fun taking photos of myself wahahahah!! never seen myself professionally made up with hair done also mah… wore my mango dress and managed to find a white dress for the morning that only cost me $28!! and during a panic shopping session last wednesday – a pair of champagne white charles & keith shoes for $21!! mwahahahaha…. =D

anyway… was supposed to go out wif them tonight… but she couldn’t make it last min so now i’ve no idea what i’m going to be doing… have to figure that out soon… hrmm hrmm… i had actually worked late last night (went home at 2am this morning) rushing out some last min artwork for the EU office (AS USUAL… roflol) that they needed by today… and my boss is actually flying off today as well… so had to finish it by yesterday… but it wasn’t too bad coz i did have other colleagues in the office as well working on stuff for the product launch and they sang me happy bday in chinese… then after that my german colleague was very nice to sing me the bday song via skype (together wif his boss) in english… lol so sweet of them!

presents-wise… i got an iPod Touch (that’s the biggest present for the year… lol), Lomo Holga camera, a casual DKNY bag, The Godfather Remastered Trilogy (which I can watch thanks to VLC player!!) and a black bag from my parents… mmm… i must say i m quite blessed and lucky to get to know so many friends from ard the world… =D

ohoh… lastly… i’ve kinda discovered a ‘mission’ statement of sorts… “i am looking for the anchors in my life“… basically this came about coz i’ve had this recent ‘craze’ for nautical accessories… saw a pendant in the shape of an anchor whilst shopping and bought it… my fren asked me why did i buy the pendant – which led me to thinking about it… and after being part of my fren’s wedding… it kinda struck me that marrying to another person should allow you the freedom of doing your own things yet at the same time act like an anchor securing you so that you don’t drift too far into the ocean… and this you can also apply to finding your life purpose… everyone’s always looking for what they should be doing in their lives… and once you have found it… it should act like an anchor to let you be free to move around yet at the same time prevent you from drifting too far off… well it can sound quite restrictive.. but i am taking it in the positive way… =)