in a blink of an eye we’re reaching the end of november and almost to the end of the year… had quite a relaxing start to the month but of course true to the style of my company… the past couple of weeks was spent rushing out visuals for events that will be held next week… not that i’m complaining, instead it’s quite enjoyable to me (half work related, half not.. ahhaha) but nonetheless i’m glad it wasn’t as crazy as the month of july/august (i broke my own record for taxi claims that month… $400++ in a month alone! i usually chalk up that amount in three months…)

also found out that MUSE will be having a concert in singapore next year!! =D i just booked the tickets for my sisters and me to attend – for my youngest sis, that’s going to be her 21st bday present… for my second sister… she has to pay me back! LOL… am quite looking forward to it coz i’ve seen their live performances on youtube and it’s FWAH… so come 3rd feb 2010… i will be able to experience that FWAHness for myself!

but at the moment… i’m just wondering when i will get that promised present from my german friend… LOL =P august and countinggggg!!