should i start off with ‘how time flies…’? no i am not because this year it didn’t feel like that… i wasn’t too preoccupied with stuff to let time fly by just like that so this year it felt like time was quite right in its movement… last day of 2009 and i feel like i should take time out to think back a little of the year that has just gone past… =)

i started off the year by reading and setting myself goals (which is written on the side of this blog as well)… i would not say i have achieved everything but i’m happy with what i have managed to do so far… the focus this year seemed to be building up my courage and disciplining my thoughts in all ways and i’m happy to say that i have managed to accomplished a bit of both (since this is a never-ending process, i can’t say i’ve completed it right? ;P)

also i made a conscious decision to plan and go to europe for a holiday next year and the process for that is coming along pretty okay… saving money, reading up on the places to go etc… i’ve made some progress in my italian and next year i will have to focus on conversations instead of grammar… (otherwise i’ll be mute in italia next year! lol)

i started twittering which meant less blogging (whistles…) but at least it freed my brain up from storing some thoughts in my head… ahhaha… developed stronger relationships with some friends =D, maintained and had to let go of another (lasted since sec schl days… but it made me feel so much better)

for the coming year i’ll be keeping the three points brought up by steve pavlina in my head… “truth, love and power”…

and as i’m typing my post… my present is STILL not here yet… =( so much for precision and efficiency… sigh i hope it’s not lost in the mail!! =/ *fingers and toes crossed now*