we’re in the second week of 2010 and i would like to share the list of goals that i have for this year… it’s a consistently evolving list that i might make adjustments to. also some of the points were taken from last year’s list since they’re still areas i would like to consistently remind myself of…

  • I direct my thoughts and desires in such a way that it is positive and that will manifest into the results I want.
  • I effect positive change in my life.
  • I increase my “value” contribution to society.
  • I have the courage to bring my personal relationships to a deeper level.
  • I build meaningful and close bonds with more friends.
  • I travel to Europe in 2010.
  • I save 5K by June plus another 3K by end of the year.
  • I pursue work that challenges and inspires me.
  • I adopt a healthier lifestyle.
  • Blogo due volte per mese in Italiano.

this list together with some additional points are now up on the side of this blog as well so that i can be reminded of it… it is also in my iPod Touch AND my moleskine… hehehehehe…