this thought came up to me the other day as i was probably day-dreaming about stuff in the moments that my head decides to be more quiet… and so in the course of this blog post i will try to recall what i did in the years preceding this year to see what i have done, what has happened and what i have achieved…

i’ll just do 2000 – 2005 first… ;)

- graduated from poly and found a job as a writer/producer for (a now-defunct online portal of music and entertainment news)
- decided to go australia for studies. it was a die-die must go thing… i refused to look at other courses in singapore… i wanted to get out!!

- if my memory serves me well… i started making arrangements to go australia for my bachelor degree studies
- quit the first job that i had after i graduated from poly ( because of that as well…
- can’t rem but perhaps my ‘sorta’ ex-bf broke up wif me in that year too? hrmmm…
- decided to go QUT for my studies
- attended the briefing session held at my poly and met my friend there… she would go on to be my housemate and one of my best friends =)
- LEFT FOR AUSTRALIA!!!! it was the BESTEST day of my life at that point in time… =D i can still bring up that emotion of being at the airport and eager to just step through the departure gates!
- also it was the first time i took a plane… and the first time i travelled ALONE!
- though my fren and i did make loads of contingency plans (think there were four at one point?) in case we weren’t able to meet up in brisbane…
- first semester in QUT and staying in brisbane was quite fun mixed with a bit of culture shock coz brisbane was soooo much more laid back compared to singapore
- hung out with a bunch of singaporeans (i know… =P) for the semester and we had loads of fun gatherings during that time…
- most memorable was shifting houses in the middle of the night becoz two of them didn’t want to pay the rent for an empty room… hahaha ‘zao lor’
- took a road trip from brisbane to sunshine coast and down to gold coast… roundabouts are not a good place to figure out whether you’re lost or not…
- got together with km

2002 – 2003
- school was fun with alot of projects and no exams… i clever right! ;)
- visited sydney for three days, discovered that the opera house looks white in photos but actually wasn’t… >=/
- volunteered at one of brisbane’s hospitals manning the children’s play area one day every week. seeing kids of different ages being treated for diseases like cancer etc was quite a sobering experience
- helped out at a local theatre production doing the on-screen visuals… it was an interesting experience i must say…
- volunteered as one of the student-editors for the (now defunct) Fineart Forum… interviewed my first artist… i rem he was Japanese and i had quite a hard time trying to figure out what to ask him… lol
- cleaning up the house at the end of our rental was an experience… i think i was semi-high from smelling cleaning liquid fumes in the shower… also a good tip for you: always clean the blades of the fan coz they do check! ;P

- worked at expat living magazines for around three months and decided i didn’t want to do so much writing
- worked at a realllly small home and living magazine that closed down after one month (heh)
- worked at haagen daz as an ice-cream seller… something that i’ve always wanted to do for some strange reason
- worked at borders as a bookseller… another thing that i’ve always wanted to do for some strange reason…
- had more fun at borders compared with haagen daz.. but working at an F&B outlet really showed me what singaporeans are reallllly like… heh.

- worked as a freelance designer/visualiser at a realllly small ad agency… it was fun for a while…
- went back to borders for a while… i think?
- found a job at a chemical company dealing with textile dyes etc… located in tuas and uber out of the way… -_-”
- sorta had some fun creating brochures for them… cut and pasting textiles and liasing with printers…
- in a stroke of coincidence managed to get myself the job that i’m working at now… =D