i can’t remember the exact point in time when i started listening to uber brit-rock band Muse but i rem the first time i was introduced to one of their songs… in fact it was through playing guitar heroes 3 on the office xbox 360… i was taking turns to play with one of my ex-colleagues and we were wondering what song to choose… then another of my ex-colleagues walked by and said ‘why don’t you try knights of cydonia?’ with a bit of a giggle… i rem being skeptical but still gung-ho to try it… roflol don’t think we managed to finish the song on our first try… but it became an obsession to pass that song on medium (or was it hard?) and my ex-colleague managed to do it before i did… i didn’t know that that was one of muse’s epics until much later…

then i was truly introduced to muse by my obsession with twilight two years back… the author is a big, big fan of the group and in fact their songs have been featured in both movies to date… so since i was obsessed with twilight… i bought the OST, listened to it… then decided to check out muse properly (via youtube videos) and realising that they are indeed marvelously fantastic! as always… i always kinda share my obsession with people around me and since i kept playing their songs over and over, my youngest sis became influenced by me to listen to them…

by this time GHWT was released and the both of us (youngest sis and me) were having much fun playing the tracks inside… till we found muse’s track – assassin – and decided to try it out… hahahaha what a disaster!!! we were playing on hard and i sucked at drums and she wasn’t too good at guitar… so we swapped to play the song… and still was a disaster!! so we practiced and practiced, watched youtube videos of other people playing until one day… we were able to complete the entireeee song!!!! i could still remember the sense of achievement both of us felt that day… ahahhaha what fun!

in the midst of these… muse released their latest album ‘the resistance’… i checked out their now-famous ‘HAARP’ gig at wembley and found out that they are one of the best acts to catch live… but i never thought that i would be able to do that until one fine november day last year when i read my friend’s tweet about muse coming to singapore to headline ‘big night out’ in 2010!!!! hahaha my tweets back to her were almost of the ‘fan-girl’ variety… but i decided there and then that it would be a great present for my youngest sis (who turned 21 last year)… and so i booked the tickets (younger sis had to pay lol) in november and started to countdown to february this year…

Muse tickets!!

to say that it passed in a blink of an eye isn’t exactly true… but finally the day came!! wednesday 3rd feb 2010… i took leave on that day (so i don’t have to rush to the indoor stadium plus did some CNY errands) and went to the event at around 7pm…

as there were standing area tickets… there was already quite many people when we reached and i would say we were lucky to be able to grab one of the last few program booklets and a kids tee for souvenirs… before going in to catch the opening acts saosin (last song) and rise against…

since we didn’t know what time muse was starting, by the time rise against left the stage and the piped in music played… everytime it went quiet the audience started cheering… i was really happy when they were setting up the stage coz i saw two big drums (my sis said it’s called timpanis) which meant that they would play the first part of the Exogenesis symphony (coz i saw the same setup in clip from their gig in Japan… ;P)

but we had to wait till 10pm before the lights really dimmed!! whatever i was feeling at that point – hungry, needing to go toilet etc – disappeared completely when the intro video came on…

muse equipment on stage!!

my goodness… my youngest sis said that she felt quite surreal watching muse live coz it was exactly like watching the youtube clips we were so used to seeing… but LIVE!! =D i didn’t really recognise the older songs (having only been initiated into the muse religion after black holes and revelations…) but they were still great and totally enjoyable!! i jumped, sang and enjoyed myself quite thoroughly!! i think the band didn’t really expect that big of a response to their gig coz in the few moments that they were talked, words like ‘you guys are crazy!’ kept coming up… lol!!

muse rocking on stage!

there were so many moments of ‘lovelovelove’ but the one that really stuck to me was when muse played ‘starlight’ and matt bellamy stopped singing at the point of the first chorus to let us the audience sing ‘your hopes and expectations, black holes and revelations’… it didn’t feel like i was in singapore hearing the gorgeous lyrics reverb around the stadium!

epic isn’t it? (clip taken from someone as i didn’t record this song – too busy enjoying lol)

and of coz they ended off the gig in the exact way i hoped – first part of Exogenesis followed by Plug-in Baby and Knights of Cydonia!!!! i must add that i screamed the most girly scream i could ever do when the first longggg riff from PIB came on (having heard the same in the wembley gig…) XD my younger sis was looking at me with a look of ‘wtf?!’ hahahahaha i just think that song is gorgeous (and the reason how i know about the song? you guessed it… GH5 roflol)… and to follow that with KoC was just zomg lah!

by this time i was just recording the gig for the audio bit… ahahah if you got the chance to watch my videos it’s like seeing an earthquake but in tempo to the song as i was jumping up and down for the last two songs…


We Are the Universe (intro music)
Supermassive Black Hole
Map of the Problematique
Interlude + Hysteria
Stockholm Syndrome
United States of Eurasia
Undisclosed Desires
Time Is Running Out
Unnatural Selection

Exogenesis: Symphony Part I (Overture)
Plug In Baby
Man with a Harmonica intro + Knights of Cydonia

after so many youtube clips watching them play live elsewhere… i finally got the chance to hear sooo many muse tracks including KoC live!!!!! woot~!!! the gig was everything i hoped for and more – definitely a dream come true since i didn’t know of them when they first came in 2007…

thanks muse for the amazing gig – you guys RAWK!!! i will remember this for a longggggg time and i hope to catch them again either in europe or singapore!!! =D /mehearts (i think my german friend thinks i’m a bit crazy enthu… and yes i am! ;P)