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menotti’s closing down!!

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i’m BEYOND devastated… the only italian cafe that i would frequent (its sister deli riciotti is a bit out of the way for me…) is closing its doors to ‘make way for a new concept’…. NOOOOOOOO… the new concept better be as good or even more better than the current one… grrrrr but i got [...]

longing for soup…

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its a rainy day today… i’m sitting in the middle of the office (literally) trying not to freeze my butt off… in front of me is a cup of green tea that i’m occasionally cupping with my hands in the hope of warming at least one part of my body… which reminded me of the [...]

happy new year!!

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happy new year to you!! its 2007 and i’m juz thinking ‘what in the world happened in 2006?’ in any case… my NYE was spent buying stuff, cooking and entertaining my friends at a mini dinner party… man… and all because i wanted to make this shepherd’s pie and brownie frm nigella lawson’s christmas bites [...]

all-in-one update!

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1. instant-real meat-noodles!, 2. inside the cookbook 02, 3. its winter!, 4. kolo mee, 5. black ravioli wif saffron cream sauce, 6. mandarin hotel chicken rice sample hahaha this is a fantastic tool to use wif flickr… i’ve actually placed a link on the link-list but here it is – fd’s Flickr Toys… it requires [...]

a bit of cooking…

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did these two dishes yesterday for my project (i’m doin a mini-cookbook) and they turned out pretty okay considering it was my first attempt at the dishees… hahaha… =P

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notes to self

find the path with the heart and have the courage to follow it.

i direct my thoughts and desires in such a way that it is positive and that will manifest into the results i want.

i effect positive change in my life.

i work and live in europe or australia in 5 years time.

i travel to europe for a holiday at least once a year.

i have the courage to bring my personal relationships to a deeper level.

i build meaningful and close bonds with my friends.

i adopt a healthier lifestyle.

i keep a consistent saving process every month.

blogo due volte per mese in italiano.

i pursue work that challenges and inspire me.