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(OKAY… upgraded WordPress myself… my post disappeared due to some bugs) flying to las vegas later in the afternoon and will be there for the entire of next week (hee)… my first company trip~!! woot! slept at 3am yesterday and woke up at 8am… hope i’ll be able to sleep on the plane later… =P [...]


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yet another lazy weekend… spent yesterday going to gym and then meeting up wif babe… to play this japanese drum game that’s recommended by my sis… ahha its almost like elite beat agents and rhythm tengoku… all very irrelevant and cutesy… the songs featured range frm classic jap songs to nintendo-esque soundtracks! we were both [...]

trying to install wordpress for another project i’m working on is driving me nuts… this is because there’s no fantastico on the server (which was kindly provided… thanks dude!) so no “press a button and tadah installation completed!”… sigh… i’ve spent the last half hour uploading, deleting files frm my server… gah… anyway my arms [...]

when looking at items around you, you think ‘hrmm can i pick it up and put it in my pockets?’ menus take on a different meaning when you see ‘rainbow trout’, ‘sea bass’ and ‘red snapper’ you have to remind yourself that you have an appointment with a character in the game because he/she is [...]

hazy days….

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its that time of the year where slash and burn takes place in indonesia… yupz, the haze is back! and like ten years ago… its been pretty bad…. to the extend that i have to close the windows and blast the fan in order to get a good nite’s rest… gah… and when i go [...]

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notes to self

find the path with the heart and have the courage to follow it.

i direct my thoughts and desires in such a way that it is positive and that will manifest into the results i want.

i effect positive change in my life.

i work and live in europe or australia in 5 years time.

i travel to europe for a holiday at least once a year.

i have the courage to bring my personal relationships to a deeper level.

i build meaningful and close bonds with my friends.

i adopt a healthier lifestyle.

i keep a consistent saving process every month.

blogo due volte per mese in italiano.

i pursue work that challenges and inspire me.