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in love wif lumix

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when i was studying in poly, i took up photography and learnt how to do black and white film processing (loads of fun trying to slot the film into the spool in the dark!) and bot my very first (and only) SLR camera from canon… my first digital camera was also from canon (powershot to [...]


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went town today to run some errands in time for the co’s xmas party next monday… and just by spending a good four to five hours in town.. i’ve managed to record the following observations: crabtree and evelyn’s stuff are very the expensive crabtree and evelyn’s staff (at ngee ann city) are not very the [...]

of harry and lear…

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i finished reading harry potter and the deathly hallows on saturday… which i queued for two hours at borders (wif sis) to get… and i watched king lear (played by sir ian mckellen) on thursday… yup it was a pretty literary weekend with these two major events for july falling within the week!

the week’s roundup…

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loads of photos but no blogging.. hahah i know been really slack about it… but after staring at the comp for more than 8 hours a day… all you wanna do when u’re back home is to not stare at the comp… =P the past week was just filled wif late nights at the office [...]


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also known in ikea as a pair of hedda rak cushions… i’ll take photos and upload soon… anyway… being such an ikea visitor (they shld give more privileges for members who visit often…) i was there on sunday juz so i could eat meatballs… and of course after dinner… you’re too full to do anything [...]

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notes to self

find the path with the heart and have the courage to follow it.

i direct my thoughts and desires in such a way that it is positive and that will manifest into the results i want.

i effect positive change in my life.

i work and live in europe or australia in 5 years time.

i travel to europe for a holiday at least once a year.

i have the courage to bring my personal relationships to a deeper level.

i build meaningful and close bonds with my friends.

i adopt a healthier lifestyle.

i keep a consistent saving process every month.

blogo due volte per mese in italiano.

i pursue work that challenges and inspire me.