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what an amazing weekend!!

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went to the first Singapore Toy and Comic Convention over the weekend. all i can say is that i managed to control my spending… hehehehe and managed to get my dreams of meeting up with my fav designer fufilled!! To the MAX!! LOL… don’t think i’ll ever forget this experience ever… =D looking forward to [...]

tis that time of the year…

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where we have santas, (fake) snow and loads of presents… i didn’t get everyone a present this year (not that i do…) coz i wasn’t really in the mood nor was i very interested in participating in the crazy gift-buying downtown… so i only gave selected people pressies instead… (not even a card!! gosh…) i [...]

pink fluffy weekend…

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its sunday again and as usual i’m at my computer (ibook this time coz my PC’s a bit cranky) trying to tidy up my (never-ending) school project and reading other people’s blogs… at this moment i’m thinking of changing the blog’s look again coz if you scroll down… u’ll see that i have a LONG [...]

uber cute toys

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omg these pirates of the caribbean figures are just too cute to be true… even davy jones (whom i think is super ugly) looks damn cutesy… ahhhhh colleague going HK… damn… how many should i buy (they’re in blind boxes apparently) via toysrevililiketoys

plushy feelings…

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my sis blogged this… i laughed and laughed when i read it… Big sis bought Hopson for me~ he’s a stuff rabbit with long and floppy ears, and Really, REALLY soulful eyes. :D Big sis: *dugs out hopson from pile of toys in the store* Me and big sis: *gasp* *Hopson stares back with biiiig [...]

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notes to self

find the path with the heart and have the courage to follow it.

i direct my thoughts and desires in such a way that it is positive and that will manifest into the results i want.

i effect positive change in my life.

i work and live in europe or australia in 5 years time.

i travel to europe for a holiday at least once a year.

i have the courage to bring my personal relationships to a deeper level.

i build meaningful and close bonds with my friends.

i adopt a healthier lifestyle.

i keep a consistent saving process every month.

blogo due volte per mese in italiano.

i pursue work that challenges and inspire me.