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moral dilemma questions

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my friend just sent me this link to a list of moral dilemma questions… i’ve read through some of them and it’s not that hard to answer some of the questions (not as morally tough as i would believe) but it does give you food for thought… here’s a couple to start you off with… [...]

hardcore ad! (NSFW)

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hahahah i have to post this up simply coz its so irrelevant and funny! Scruffs – ad by JWT let me know if you know of any more funny ads… =P

is it better cold?

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is it better cold?, originally uploaded by i am yj. one of those days where u’re shopping in your neighbourhood (okay this was near my office) supermarket when you discover something like this! i was seriously taken aback when i saw the display… wonder if it made the products last longer… more fresh or simply, [...]

things u never tot u wld see…

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lazy ass me… never blogged for so long… hehehehe… however i must put this particular photo up… it was the mid-autumn festival here two weekends ago and besides the mooncakes (ngee ann city is THE place for that…) kids get to play wif lanterns… battery operated ones or the simple “light a candle and hope [...]

frm my mailbox…

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juz saw this today in my emails… Your job search agent titled “Designer Jobs” matched new jobs based on your search criteria. Listed below are the top 1 match(es)… (Just click on the job title to view a job.) 1. Sep 7, Microsoft Powerpoint Designer, … well in my experience wif powerpt… they do need [...]

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notes to self

find the path with the heart and have the courage to follow it.

i direct my thoughts and desires in such a way that it is positive and that will manifest into the results i want.

i effect positive change in my life.

i work and live in europe or australia in 5 years time.

i travel to europe for a holiday at least once a year.

i have the courage to bring my personal relationships to a deeper level.

i build meaningful and close bonds with my friends.

i adopt a healthier lifestyle.

i keep a consistent saving process every month.

blogo due volte per mese in italiano.

i pursue work that challenges and inspire me.